Eco Clip – snap fastener and handle in one

The easy-to-use snap fastener with a film hinge and clip system is inserted in the handle slots.

ECO CLIP – Patented by DENSA AG

The new dangerous goods licensing approval for ECO DRUMS no longer requires the use of a costly adhesive closing mechanism, nor must the ECO DRUMS be sealed with packing tape. Our innovative ECO DRUMS offers a safe new closure option with many advantages over earlier closure variants.

  • ECO CLIP functions by employing an expansion mechanism which joins the lid securely to the drum.
  • When closed, the ECO CLIP acts as a handle, completely covering the opening. Contact with the contents in the drum is not possible.
  • The ECO CLIP can be lead-sealed. This prevents any unauthorized access.
  • On request, the ECO CLIP can be produced in a colour which supports your company branding.

ECO CLIP is an easy-to-use snap fastener with a film hinge and clip system. The fastener is fitted into the ECO CLIP handle apertures.

Here's how to use an Eco Clip Swiss Packaging Award 2018 Nominee Logo